Company Establishment

Ridgewood Egypt was previously an affiliate of Ridgewood Energy (USA), which has been investing in independent water, power and other environmental projects since the late 1980s. Ridgewood Energy has an operating capital exceeding US $2,3 Billion .. In early 1999, Ridgewood Egypt for Infrastructure projects was established to provide infrastructure requirements; mainly water and power, on a build, own, and operate basis. In less than 15 years, Ridgewood Egypt became the pioneer private owned Company in the sector of water desalination on a Build, Own and Operate basis and with an investment exceeding  LE 350,000,000.

Company Achievement

Ridgewood Egypt has over 60 desalination plants, their capacities ranging between 500 and 12,000 cubic meters, which serve more than 150 resorts and touristic projects, and currently has an operating and under completion desalination capacity of 65,000 cubic meters per day.  Ridgewood Egypt also has 6 electric power generation plants, their capacities ranging between 2 to 10 Megawatts.