About us

The story / The beginnig

Ridgewood is a leading water desalination company operating in the water, power, and environmental sectors since the late 1980s as an affiliate of Ridgewood Energy (USA). In 1999 Ridgewood Egypt for Infrastructure projects was established to provide water and power on a build, own, and operate basis with an investment exceeding LE 700,000,000. In 2013, Ridgewood manufactured its brand name for water desalination equipment, and it has demonstrated high reliability and value. Since then, we have set out to revolutionize the water industry with a determination to explore business opportunities and expand vertically and horizontally while leveraging our expertise and resources to exceed customers’ expectations.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with the most sustainable and reliable water treatment solutions and services through longs term contracts whenever required through expertise and innovation, while maintaining superior customer service and quick response to build durable relationships and achieve the highest customer satisfaction levels.

Our Vision

To be the market leader provider for high-end water solutions at local and regional levels in terms of quality and market share, and to stay at the forefront of the industry through meeting evolving customer needs and exceeding future expectations.


Why Ridgewood

We Understand

Highly skilled engineers and experts


Complete treatment solutions


Professional installation and final commissioning


Environmentally sound technology


Fully capitalized (Build, own, operate)


Reputable company and reliable- proven services


Financial Stability

We Listen

Full client engagement and involvement


Provide and unparalleled performance, trouble-free operation, and minimal costs.


Complete service cycle from concept to day to day operation.




Problem-solving support


Long-term client relationship

We Deliver

In house design and fabrication to maximize a trouble-free operation through the lifespan of the contracts


On-time delivery


Offer great value for money and highly measurable business KPIs.


Water conforming to the specifications recommended by the WHO

What we are standing for

We always strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, employees, and partners
through adhering to a set of five core values that form our inherent culture and apply to
everything we do in our daily operations.


We build trust and respect by providing our customers with reliable services, addressing their needs quickly, and treating everyone fairly and respectfully.


We treat everyone in a trustworthy, honest, and ethical manner constantly to foster an environment where everyone is trusted to contribute, innovate and excel.

Learn & Development

We constantly seek excellence and high quality of services and operations through constant research and development to stay up to date with the latest technologies and meet the evolving needs of the future.


The strength of our team lie in our ability to trust and support each other. We enjoy and respect the value of contribution, and we work collaboratively with each other to meet our goals and exceed clients & expectations.


We are committed to providing high-quality products and services aligned with excellent customer service, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, profitability, and success.

Proof of excellence

ISO Certification

At Ridgewood Egypt, we are fully aware of the impact of our business at all levels, and we continually strive to maintain and improve our management system to enhance service quality.

We collect and analyze the correct data at appropriate stages, and we all cooperate to promote environmental protection and improve environmental performance in terms of waste and power.

Our pursuit of perfection and excellence qualified us to obtain the ISO 9001 certification since 2006.

Which encouraged us to produce more high quality, energy conservation, and environmental protection water systems for our customers and enabled us as well to control the quality and monitor all processes and activities to achieve higher customer satisfaction and build a better reputation.

Quality Management System Policy

Ridgewood Water Desalination S.A.E is one of the leading companies in the field of Water desalination, which is concerned with Continual Improvement in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2015.

through the following: –

  • Fully conforming with the requirements of management system ISO (9001:2015) and all local d international applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Understanding and meeting the requirements and needs of our customers and Interested parties and monitoring and implementing their own needs.
  • Commitment to providing the necessary human and material resources to implement and maintain the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • Commitment to implement planned objectives that increase the efficiency of the quality management System.
  • Commitment to training and effective participation to develop the efficiency of workers within the scope of the company’s operations.
  • Commitment to measure and evaluate the performance of operations and to work for their improvement and ongoing development in line with the labor market.
  • Commitment to publish the Quality Management System policy for all employees, so it is accessible to customers and interested parties.